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  • 100% natural charcoal briquettes from an Indonesian manufacturer

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    100% natural charcoal from an Indonesian manufacturer 

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The company name is PT. Java Island Organics – are registered & legal companies in Indonesia, registered number: AHU-27115.40.10.2014 .

All invoices & payments are under the company bank account.

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We always emphasize the supply of quantity goods and provide quality products

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We always emphasize the supply of quantity goods and provide quality products

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We always emphasize the supply of quantity goods and provide quality products

We provide charcoal briquettes with export quality that have been tested in an independent laboratory to ensure the quality of coconut, bamboo, sawdust charcoal and wood charcoal briquettes, suitable for shisha or hookah, grilling at home or for restaurants, by purchasing charcoal that is easy and cheap. Inexpensive, it can be sent within a few days after confirmation of payment for charcoal. Of course, customers can request custom packaging for charcoal according to the customer’s brand, which will be exported according to orders for charcoal briquettes that are appropriate and precise. The quality of Indonesian charcoal briquettes has been recognized by the world that charcoal from Indonesia is of the best quality suitable for various purposes, in the Middle East, including countries: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and others, generally residents there use our charcoal for shisha/hookah, BBQ restaurants, roasting meat, bread to supply charcoal to be used as fuel for heating / heating at night and in winter, such as in Korea, Japan, France, Germany, America, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria, England to Russia. Charcoal briquettes made 100% natural make them a favorite and practical to use whenever and wherever. Our monthly production capacity of charcoal briquettes is 50 tons and the demand for charcoal briquettes often increases dramatically from customers when winter approaches and when foreign tourists increase, often hotels and restaurants are filled with tourist visitors who make use of charcoal briquettes which, practical, long lasting heat, little smoke and odorless are needed so as not to disturb the comfort of the hotel or restaurant tourists.

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Product Quality Control

100% Organics - Eco Natural

Charcoal is Tested in an Independent Laboratory

The Advantages Of Our Charcoal Products

We Provide Coconut Shell Charcoal Derivatives, Sawdust Wooden Derivatives, Bamboo Charcoal Derivatives and Hardwood Charcoal Derivatives. 


Could send the requirements specifications for your product brand

We produce charcoal according our customers’ needs, including order quantity (MOQ), charcoal briquette type material, charcoal shape, size, and packaging, (OEM).

For more comprehensive information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


We produce Coconut Shell Charcoal as raw materials of the following products…

We produce Coconut Shell Charcoal as raw materials of the following products:

  • Activated Carbon
  • BBQ Charcoal
  • Shisha or Hookah
  • Soil Amendment

Our product is having :

  • High Calorifyc Value
  • Low Ash Content
  • Low Moisture Content
  • Long Burning Time
  • Produced by smokeless furnace
  • Product Size from Small Granule to Natural Lump shape

Packing is in 25 Kg,50 Kg, 500 Kg Jumbo Bag

The Best Charcoal To Be Exported
100% Organics - Eco Natural
Coconut Shell Charcoal for BBQ
Coconut Charcoal - Granular Shape
Coconut Shell Charcoal - Lump Shape
Coconut Shell Charcoal
Charcoal Ready To Be Exported
Bamboo Briquette Charcoal
Sawdust Briquette Charcoal for BBQ
Sawdust Briquette Charcoal - Hexagonal Shape
Bichotan Charcoal - Lump Shape
Mix Hardwood Charcoal
Wood Sawdust & Shaving Block